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9-1-1 Dispatcher Education

Client: 9-1-1 Company

Type: E-Learning 

Tools: Internal Authoring Tool

About this project

I was tasked with creating 7 mini-lessons teaching 9-1-1 dispatchers how to select specific protocols. I  created these mini-lesson courses while working at a 9-1-1 software & training company. I was assigned the task to create seven mini-lessons that review different protocols used by 9-1-1 Dispatchers. Each protocol is a separate mini-lesson.

I started by emailing our SMEs informing them of the project. Then, I went through the same process for each of the seven mini-lessons. First, I researched the protocol using internal resources such as our software, training manuals, and additional documentation. Then, I listened to sample 9-1-1 calls that applied to the protocol. Next, I researched externally any information that was still unknown. I also worked with Subject Matter Experts when I had additional questions.

I organized and outlined the course. Then, I wrote the course content and used our internal building tool to create the SCORM package. The course underwent several phases of QA via myself, my lead, our SMEs, and the CEO of our company. After receiving feedback, I corrected and updated the content. When final approval was received, I posted it on our LMS for our learners.


Design Process

Fire 11 graphic.png
I created this graphic as a visual to present the course during our Sprint Review.
Fire 4.PNG
This is part of a lesson that teaches 9-1-1 Dispatchers about the vehicle fire protocol versus other protocols.​
fire 11 3.PNG
This is part of a lesson that reviewed boat fire protocols. I used the example of the Conception Disaster to help learners understand the importance of following this protocol.
From the CEO during the QA Process: "For 7 lessons, and this much stuff, that is amazing work! I usually find that 1 of 10 edits are done incorrectly or simply missed (my real experience after 30 years of this stuff)- again great work! Plus the lesson is great itself..." 

From our content SME: "Once again, just a SUPERB job with these, my edits are small, this is some of the best training we have!!"

From my team's Product Owner: "Liz killed Fire 11 [lesson] right from the beginning. She took the lesson and ran with it, to the point that it's in the [LMS] super early!"
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