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Professional Development on Backward Design

Client: Bridgerland Technical College

Type: E-Learning 

Tools: Canvas

About this project

Bridgerland Technical college tasked my team with designing a Canvas module that taught the Backward Design model to instructors without any educational background.

They asked for a non-academic, "stripped down" text-heavy course. They requested limited use of images. They asked for videos to be used as little as possible and only if they were a supplement. In addition, we were asked to provide big ideas at the top of each page. Working within these many constraints, we created a course.

I created course objectives, the arrow graphics, developed content for the assessment and activities sections, functioned as a SME on Backward Design, designed the pages, created the "car" scenario example, and edited content in other sections.

The course was handed over to Bridgerland to be used as a basis where they would add in video and images, complete user-testing and further iteration cycles in the future.

Design Process

Design Process

View the Design Report which explains the process and includes documentation of the process.

Note: In order to view the Canvas module, please enroll in the course. If you already have a Canvas account, go to Alternatively, you can sign up at and use the following join code: RC6RAM.
Due to current Canvas limitations, we are unable to publicly link the course.

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