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Case Study for Understanding Homelessness 101 Course

Client: The Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in OHIO (COHHIO)

Type: E-Learning 

Tools: Rise, Vyond

About this project

The Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in OHIO (COHHIO) is a non-profit with a goal to end homelessness.

COHHIO needed an Understanding Homelessness 101 course to help providers across Ohio understand the homeless system. This Case Study is part of the Understanding Homelessness 101 course that was developed.

The purpose of this Case Study is to reinforce basic definitions and concepts learned in the course.

  • I reviewed the course objectives and selected the essential components to include in a case study scenario.
  • I wrote the case study including the short video scripts and multiple choice questions.
  • I had the SME approve the script before building.
  • I built out the course in Rise.
  • ​I created the short videos using Vyond. 
  • ​I reviewed the course and edited to ensure alignment.
  • After the module was built, SMEs reviewed the materials. I edited the course based on SME feedback.
  • I had a group of test users review the entire Understanding Homelessness 101 course. 
  • I iterated based on learner feedback.
Screenshot - 2022-10-19T132544.151.png
Screenshot - 2022-10-19T132607.350.png
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