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Hello, a bit about me:


Elisabeth Huber

Instructional Designer

I'm Elisabeth (or Liz).

I'm an Instructional Designer who believes in crafting learning experiences based in best practices. I love asking the right questions and digging deep to find the right solutions.

I'm a logical person with creative thinking. I appreciate systematic approaches, kind and assertive communication, and human-centered design. 

I discovered my passion for instructional design while teaching high school English. I have always had a detail-oriented personality and enjoyed the content development process. I'm passionate about designing instructional content that is objective-centered, user-friendly, and purposeful.

While teaching, I designed, developed, and delivered lesson plans, video content, teacher trainings, conference presentations, deliverables, and e-learning courses.

I spent a year working as an Instructional Designer for a company that creates training for 9-1-1 Dispatchers across the world. I left this position to move to Columbus, Ohio.

Currently, I create microlearning content as a contract worker which I absolutely love! However, I miss working with a team! I'm looking for a new position where I can work in a team environment and continue to grow my skillset. 

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