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Lucidchart Learning Center

Client: Lucidchart       

Type: UX Design  

Tools: Adobe XD, Google Drawing, Lucidchart

My team was tasked with creating a learning center prototype for Lucidchart users focused on user experience.
As a lead UX designer, I was involved in every step of the design process. Independently, I created personas, card sorting experiences, and analyzed data to create a low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframe. My team members assisted with prototype development in Adobe XD. Independently, I created user testing experiences and iterated based on user feedback. As a team, we created a design pitch video. As a team, we also wrote a rationale (my section is highlighted in yellow).

View the sections below to view my approach, evidence and explanation/rationales to the conundrums this design challenge presented. 
adobexd protoype.png

About this project

Design Process

Screenshot (11).png


I created two personas that were created to help empathize with users.

Here is a link to my persona rationale that explains my decisions. 

Card Sorting and Information Architecture
Click here to view a reflection on my card sorting activity and information architecture.

Click here to view a zoomable version of my information architecture or click the image to the right.
Screenshot (30).png
Iterations and User Testing
I completed multiple iterations on our Adobe XD prototype based on user testing data. Click here to view User Testing documentation & analysis.

Learn about my design decisions by reading the rationale document. The yellow highlighted section is my contribution).
adobexd protoype.png
Screenshot (14).png
Rationale & Pitch
Click here to view the rationale document with our design decisions (yellow highlighted section is my contribution)

Click here to view the video pitch (script & visuals from 2:26-10:40; script, visuals, and voice over from 3:15-10:40.)
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