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Jail Employee Training using Adobe Captivate

Client: National Institute for Jail Operations 
Date: May 2020
Type: E-learning
Tools: Adobe Captivate
Create an E-learning course from a PowerPoint slide deck using Adobe Captivate.
As an ID contractor for the National Institute for Jail Operations (NIJO), I used a PowerPoint provided by a subject matter expert and turned it into an E-learning experience. 

First, I reviewed the course content and made an outline that included brief interaction notes and assessment alignment. Then, I designed the question slides in Captivate. Next, I took the content and split it into approachable E-learning chunks and created the slides and interactions. I QA'd the course and sent it off for review. After one round of iterations, it was delivered to the learners.



This was the first Captivate course that I created. The company had very specific image rules and source rules which limited the available image options. The slide size, frame, arrows, and colors are all pre-determined by NIJO. This look is consistent throughout all their courses.

My Role
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