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Introduction to Number the Stars using Rise 360 and Storyline

Client: Children's Literature Organization
Date: July 2020
Type: E-Learning
Tools: Rise 360, Storyline, and Canva
Create an online learning lesson based on a children's novel.
I created this course as a sample for a job application for an organization with a focus on children's books.

I decided on three objectives to introduce learners to the novel. After writing content and creating the first two sections, I decided I wanted learners to leave with something in hand to continue their learning and thinking.

I used an old anticipation guide that I created years ago and converted it into a Storyline interaction. The storyline interaction uses a PDF widget with a javascript. At the end of the activity, learners can download their answers. 

Creating a storyline course with a PDF download was a new experience for me. I researched and brainstormed possible solutions for the best free PDF tool. I think this is a powerful tool that could be implemented into corporate e-learning, so employees leave in-hand with the materials they generated.
My Role
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