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Administering the VI-SPDAT

Client: The Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in OHIO (COHHIO)

Type: E-Learning 

Tools: Storyline, Rise, Vyond, Canva

About this project

This course is a mandatory course for Ohio Homeless Service Providers who are responsible for administering the VI-SPDAT assessment tool to individuals experiencing homelessness. This course aims to provide comprehensive guidance on effectively administering the VI-SPDAT survey.

This course has several interactive scenarios, Vyond videos, and custom graphics. 

Read about my process below and view design documents, course scripts, and storyboard samples.
Sample Images
Click on the image to zoom in.
Course cover page
Course page
Interactive timeline
Comic style scenario
Comic style scenario
Interactive graphic
Vyond Video
Scenario using Rise block
The Process
1. Content Review and Familiarization:
  • Reviewed existing course content.
  • Studied internal documentation.
  • Practiced utilizing the VI-SPDAT survey tool to gain firsthand experience.
2. Needs Analysis:
  • Analyzed previous data to identify areas of improvement.
  • Conducted interviews with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to gather insights.
  • Solicited feedback from current survey administrators.
3. Design Document Creation:
  • Developed a detailed design document outlining the course structure and objectives.
  • Created an Evaluation plan using each of Kirkpatrick's four levels of evaluation
  • Obtained approval from SMEs on the proposed course outline.
4. Script Writing:
  • Drafted the course script based on the approved design document.
  • Created a Storyboard for the Vyond video.
  • Received feedback on the script and made necessary revisions.
  • Obtained final approval for the course script.
5. Material Development:
  • Utilized Vyond, Storyline, and Rise to create engaging scenarios for the course.
  • Created a Support and Accountability document for managers to use during implementation
6. Iterative Review Process:
  • Conducted multiple rounds of review involving SMEs and end-users.
  • Incorporated feedback received during reviews to refine the course content and materials.


Computer Work

"There was a lot of helpful information provided in this training and will be a great resource for new hires."

"I believe this to be a very handy tool, I have done multiple VI-SPDAT but I felt this gave a little more clarity of some of the questions and how to administer. The first time I used this form I was a little confused and I believe with this course first it would have be very helpful. Even after doing the VI-SPDAT for awhile now I still see this training as valuable."

"This course is super helpful and would be great for new staff to better understand the process of administering the assessment."

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